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About Us

The Bazaleti lake hotel is controlled by the company `Centri”, which was found in 1997 inGeorgia. Project fulfilled inBazaletiLakewas the first hotel complex inGeorgia, there were united several directions: from incomming tourism to health-resort care. A modern construction of the hotel has madeBazaletiLakemore beautiful and restful place for visitors. Bazaleti Lake Hotel  has opened on 16-th of August in 2007.

The company `Centri” makes activities in many respects: hotel business performed with hotel complex in Bazaleti Lake and business category hotel in Tbilisi “Bazaleti Palace”,   also wood industry factory in Tbilisi,different kinds of real estate – some of them is in process. Nowadays about 400 people are employed  in the company.

A development of tourism and business is an aim of the company.