Rest with us

Entertainment and Recreation

          People having different interests  could rest in Bazaleti Lake Hotel  with a same pleasure. Here are as passive as active rest and amusing measures.

          At the lake coast there is a comfortable beach with sunshades and chaises- longues. It’s possible to walk through the lake with water-cycles and boats. As the lake is rich with a variety of fishes, visitors can enjoy by fishing. Neat  the beach there are tennis court and beach volley-ball stadium.

          Along the lake side is a wonderful lane where visitors, in spite of age, may walk and enjoy with beautiful nature.

In the central part of the hotel there is an open swimming pool, which is also arranged for children.

          Around the pool there are sunshades, chaises- longues, also open bar with fresh drinks. During the whole summer animators are  amusing the visitors, they have an entertainment programs  for children and refreshing programs for ladies. Near the pool different kinds of attractions are arranged also for children.

Bicycles are here for rent all day long. A walking lanes across the hotel is perfect also for cycling.

During the evenings there works entertainment event-hall, where are a disco, karaoke, movies etc.     Exotic drinks are offered at the disco-bar. It is also very pleasant place for different kinds of events.

In every building and cottages there are billiards and table tennis.

          Visitors have their meals in the restaurant near the lake side, which has balconies from where opens remarkable view of nature. The restaurant can receive about 250-300 people. Hotel price includes three times meal (Swedish table).

Bazaleti Lake Hotel makes all conditions for visitors to enjoy and take care of their health.

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